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We are excited to announce this new partnership with Improveit360. Improveit360 is the all-in-one, industry-leading enterprise CRM system that allows you to get predictable results and gain actionable insights into your operations, profits and customers.

Streamline Lead Conversion

The Improveit360 CRM gives you a 360-degree view of your home improvement company that you’re able to access from any location to handle customer relationships, evaluate performance, and improve your processes.

Receive your leads instantly, and effectively nurture them to close. From automated communications to block scheduling, Improveit360 features will cut out the tasks that slow you down and help get you to the sale faster through streamlining your CRM & Lead Management and Appointment Scheduling process.

Improveit 360’s project management tools can help you create more predictable cash flow, increase team collaboration, and handle all duties from a single location. With trackable job costs, payments & financing options, and templated tasks & activities that Improveit offers, you can stay on budget, get paid on time, and never miss a deadline. Whatever you’re wanting to streamline, Improveit’s Project Management and Payments & Financing features can assist you in managing your projects effectively.

Improveit 360’s automated reports and dashboards make it possible to collect, organize, and analyze important information about your remodeling business with ease. Improveits Business Intelligence & Reporting, and Automated ROI Reports allow you to access real-time data from every area of your company when you need it.

Powerful Features

Improveit360’s CRM & Lead Management system allow you to track and manage your leads along every step of their buying journey. With ability to collect lead information electronically and automatically log activities, Improveit360 can take the weight of lead management off your shoulders and minimize conversion time with tools like their Duplicate Lead Prevention, Automated Activity Tracking, Web-to-Lead, and Email-to-Lead Integrations tools.

Improveits marketing & call campaigns allow you to generate a next step for every viable lead, ensuring that no selling opportunity is lost by making certain you have a next move planned for each possible lead in your ImproveIt CRM. Use lifecycle communications to nurture your connections and quickly develop targeted call campaigns to reengage your past customers and increase sales. Key features of ImproveIts’ marketing and call campaigns include Call Center Integrations, Lifecycle Emails, Two-Way Texting Communication, and Marketing Opportunities tools.

With Improveit’s Appointment Scheduling tool you’re able to seamlessly schedule your teams and immediately communicate important appointment information to staff and homeowners. Features within their Appointment Scheduling tool include Filterable, Drag & Drop Calendars, Block Scheduling, Mobile App Calendar Syncing, and Automated Appointment Notifications & Reminders. Even if your reps are on the road or in the field, they can view their calendars from anywhere using improveit 360’s Mobile App to be kept up to date on their appointments.

Contractor Appointments is a leading contractor lead referral network in the United States. With over 30,000 homeowner projects per month on their site, it’s easy for contractors to connect with their qualified leads in minutes. All you have to do is visit or give us a call to get started!

This partnership is sure to create efficiencies for Contractor Appointments customers looking to grow their businesses, through an all-in-one CRM system, allowing you to get predictable results and gain actionable insights into your operations, profits and customers.

Look for more exciting announcements in the coming weeks!