About This Webinar

Michaella Huffsmith of Contractor Appointments invites Ingage’s own Pam Torrey to join her on this live webinar to talk with her about the different techniques Home Improvement companies can use to visually showcase product benefits and captivate homeowners, and maximizing leads.

They will be discussing the essential elements you need to include to craft an impactful presentation for homeowners, the templates and resources to kickstart your success and build a winning presentation. They will also be talking through how does video fit in and how are companies producing this content, and much more..


  • What should your presentation include.
  • How to “show” homeowners the full value of the product and build value.
  • How does video fit in and how are companies producing this content?
  • Where to start when building a successful presentation (templates, anything they can buy that’s boiler plate).


Michaella Huffsmith

Director of Sales at Contractor Appointments

Michaella is the Director of Sales at Contractor Appointments. Michaella’s role is to inform contractors of the services offered and help them determine what will be the best fit for their business.
In Michaella’s free time, she enjoys spending time with her family in the great outdoors!

Pam Torrey

Director of Marketing for Ingage

Pam Torrey is the Director of Marketing for Ingage, the leading sales presentation software provider for the home improvement industry. Prior to joining Ingage in 2019, Pam worked for a FinTech company in Chicago and was tasked with building out their marketing operations, outbound lead generation strategy and reporting structure.
Additionally, she spent several years at Apple in B2B sales. When not helping home improvement companies deliver more effective sales presentations, she is a working classical singer in the Chicago area.

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