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Sean Conners is joined by Nate Teicher, President of Window Depot USA of Milwaukee and by Paul Burleson, National Remodeling Accounts Manager/ in-Home Sales Specialist of Royal Builders Products. On this live webinar, they will be discussing discuss how companies can do Virtual Sales Step by Step and succeed in it.

Together they will discuss who is doing virtual sales well and what are their results, demos, and closing rates vs in-home, as well as talking through how practically your company’s step-by-step selling process needs to adapt to a virtual environment. As well as how can your company keep homeowner’s attention on a virtual presentation, how should your company virtually present the product, How do you review pricing, and how do you still one-call close


  • Who is doing virtual sales well and what are their results
  • Demos, and closing rates vs in-home
  • Practically, how does your step selling process need to adapt to a virtual environment
  • How do you keep their attention
  • How do you present the product?
  • How do you review pricing?
  • How do you still one-call close?


Sean Conners
Founder & CEO of Contractor Appointments

Sean Conners is the Founder, and CEO of Contractor Appointments, a performance-based lead generator providing predictable growth for top home service brands. Pay Per Lead or Pay Per Sale.

Sean geeks out on building systems, structure, and automation that empower better customer experiences. The past 14 years of his career have been spent in technology and lead generation for Home Services brands. He’s a father of 8 amazing kids, has been married almost 14 years, and resides in the beautiful state of Minnesota. He loves to snowboard with his kids in the winter and spend every minute they can on a lake in the summer.

Nate Teicher

President of Window Depot USA of Milwaukee

Nate Teicher is the President of Window Depot USA of Milwaukee and has successfully been implementing virtual sale presentations into his company’s process for the past few years. Nate cares about truly helping every homeowner have the best experience they possibly can.

Window Depot USA is the #4 Largest National Home Remodeling Company in the U.S. and Nate manages the Milwaukee location from Tampa, Florida – all made possible by virtual presentations & local Milwaukee team of sales reps.

Paul Burleson

National Remodeling Accounts Manager/ in-Home Sales Specialist

Paul is a respected industry in-home sales expert worked in the industry since he was 12 years old. His development continued for industry stalwarts such as Pacesetter and Statewide Home Improvement. He eventually became the National Trainer and Specialist in developing in-home selling programs for Alcoa, Ply Gem, and Royal Building Products.

Over the course of his career, Paul has created sales training programs for many of the leading home improvement retailers and manufacturers across North America and is known for his motivational approach that inspires in-home salespeople to perfect their skills. He currently works as a Consultant for Royal Building Products and specializes in developing sales systems for insulated siding.

Sarina Warren
Webinar Moderator

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