Sales, New Account Acquisition Role. Interview Below.

We’re on a mission to simplify how people buy home improvements. And we’re hiring!


About the Role: Sales, New Account Acquisiton (fully remote)

Job Summary: We believe that “sales” is really service.  That if we reach the right customer who has a need, in our case for more leads, or better leads, and they’re ready to handle them, only then should we explore working together.  This role is getting in touch with the “right” customers, asking good questions, and only signing up companies that make long-term partnerships.


Initiating new conversations

  1. 25-50 activities per day on Linkedin
    LinkedIn is a great tool to reach out to ideal prospects, ask good questions, and build relationships.
  2. 30-40 activities per day via email
    The industry is pretty small and we have the emails of many of our contacts.  We just need to make an intro and provide value.
  3. 200 - 300 activities per week List Building
    We have powerful tools like Lusha and Zoom Info to keep building our list as we stubble across prospective customers on Linkedin or elsewhere.  Adding their companies, and contacts to our marketing prospect list.

Intro Calls, Follow Up, Contract Negotiations

  1. Intro Calls
    • Our goal is to learn about them personally and their business.  We find Zoom calls create a personal way of connecting human to human.
      We ask good questions to learn about their business and what they need.
    • We evaluate based on what they’ve shared with us if we could be a good fit.
      We share what we do, and how we’ve helped others.
    • If there is a clear solution for their need and a good partnership for us only then do we take the next step in sending them a contract.
  2. Follow Up
    • We follow up via email and Linkedin checking in on their thoughts or questions about the partnership.
    • We use drip email responders or snooze emails if the timeline isn’t a fit right now.
  3. Contract Negotiations
    • Once we’ve agreed that partnering will be a good solution for both of us we need to nail down how that partnership with work.
    • Depending on the company size and coverage area we may be able to negotiate lower rates but often we start all customers with the same starting revenue share percentage.

Team Participation

  1. Participate in team meetings and individual meetings to support other team members and offer insight from the sales perspective.
  2. Encourage and support other team members building camaraderie among the team.

About the Company.

We help homeowners find contractors and contractors find new customers.  Since 2014, we've set out to radically simplify the way homeowners buy complex home services, like installing a new roof or windows. By providing transparency in a complex marketplace, we put more control in homeowners' hands.
In late 2020 we chose to make a pivotal choice.  We could follow suit of other lead generators in the industry and focus on selling leads to contractors for more money and to more companies, OR we could rethink the whole model and build a platform that actually helps people.  

Our desire is to build a platform where contractors feel treated fairly as partners, only paying for projects in which they’re hired, not lead fees.  Where pros are incentivized to actually serve homeowners because when they do they get access to more opportunities. To build a platform where homeowners want to come back for their next project and refer their friends and family.  

We're a small team with a big mission.  Want to join us?

Our values


  • No secrets and nothing to hide.
  • Open company finances
  • Open salaries
  • Honesty = trust.

(Default to action)

  • Ship the MVP and iterate upon it.
  • Failure is only input for the next iteration.

Slow Growth / Stability

  • You (and your family) first, the team second, the customer third.
  • Building sustainable systems, processes, and automation that create solid foundations.

Interdependence (1+1 = 3) -

  • Skills/Gifts/Strengths > roles or titles
  • We’re measured by our collective contribution to the world > Individual contribution (this is one large group project, the better we organize our unique Skills/Gifts/Strengths the better our outcome)

Qualifications To Apply

  • 2 years working B2B sales experience
  • 12+ months working fully remote
  • Ability to travel once every 3-6 months.
  • Ability to communicate expectations, comprehend positions and interests, manage conflict, develop alternatives, and find a compromise
  • Adaptable and responsive in a rapidly-changing work environment
  • Ability to juggle multiple conversations at a time, while maintaining sharp attention to detail


We may be a small company but we strive to pay very well.  Here are the salary and benefits for this role:

  • $75K Base Salary (Non-Commission Role)
  • $500-1,500 monthly health care credit ($500 single, $1,500 family) to buy your own insurance
  • Dental Insurance 100% Company Paid
  • Vision Insurance 100% Company Paid
  • $150 monthly internet reimbursement
  • Company 401K matched at 4%
  • 14 days PTO, 8 Sick Days, All Major Holidays

First Interview (Virtual)

Drop files here or
Max. file size: 300 MB.
    This role compensation is a base ONLY position of $85K. If you are currently making more please do not apply.

    Please record a 5-10 minute video answering the following questions:

    Step 1: Please use to record a 5-10 minute video answering the following questions. 1. Tell us a little about yourself personally. 2. Share about your current role. What do you do, what channels are you currently using? Do you currently lead a team? 3. Why are you leaving your current role? Step 2: Paste Loom video URL below.