We help roofing, solar and window contractors grow sales by an additional $150-300K per month.  With Appointments.

Customers book with you 100% online.

GUARANTEED to speak with the decision-maker.

GUARANTEED to provide an estimate.

You Need Leads. But there's a problem...

It isn't fair to pay for leads that never answer their phone, book an appointment, or give you an opportunity to estimate their project. Fighting for "credit" on a bad lead shouldn't be, well, a fight...  We believe you should be able to estimate the project, or it should be free...

Looking for predictable sales growth for your roofing, window, or solar company?  Contractor Appointments is performance-based and you'll only pay for appointments you're able to estimate.

More Sales, Less Hastle

In the first half of 2020, we've helped 416 contractors run an additional 25,294 appointments resulting in over $72 Million in new closed sales, and that's all during a pandemic.

80% Demo Rate

the other 20% are replaced for free

25-30% Closing Rate

on average.

3 Steps to Growing Your Monthly Sales

  • 1

    Schedule A Call

    In this 15-20 minute call, we will discuss your goals, determine if appointments are a solution, and discuss pricing.

  • 2

    Run Appointments

    Homeowners book appointments with you directly online.  They'll be expecting your call.  All you'll need to do is call to confirm, assign a rep, and run appointments.

  • 3

    Grow Your Sales

    Keep your top sales reps busy with 2-3 appointments per day.  Average Contractors grow revenue by $150-300K of additional revenue per month.

What You Pay For

Customer's who book an appointment specifically with YOUR company online.

The ability to speak with a decision-maker of the property.

The opportunity to provide an estimate on the project.

What You Won't Pay For

Can't Reach Customer - Replaced

Cancelation / No Show - Replaced

Incorrect Project Type - Replaced

Incorrect Contact Info - Replaced

Expect to return 15-20% of appointments due to cancelations. no shows, etc.  Each return is reviewed by a real person within 48hrs and when approved you'll get your next appointment for free.

How Customer's Book With You

  • 1

    Leads Generated Online (But We Don't Sell You The Lead)

    Customers fill out a lead form online with details like their project category, address, and contact details. Here's where things are different.  We don't sell you that lead.

  • 2

    Customers View Your Profile And Book Specifically With Your Company

    Customer's see your company profile (along with 2 other matching pros) and book an appointment directly on your account calendar.

  • 3

    You Call Ahead to Confirm, Run The Appointment, and Make The Sale

    It's showtime!  Present product, show the value, close the sale. Our pros report average closing rates of 30%.

Meet Your Dedicated Account Manager

  • Sick of being treated like another number?

    You'll be paired with a dedicated account manager to help strategize weekly/monthly to help optimize your results.

  • Want someone bought into your success?

    We're in this together, we succeed when you do.  After all, we're incentivized to help you run more appointments and make more sales.  With no long term contracts or upfront charges, and you control the on/off switch.  

  • 100% control through your dashboard

    Want to manage things yourself?  Go ahead!  You have 100% control of every aspect of your account.


What You Can Expect

80% of the appointments you receive will be quality, and you'll be able to estimate.  Historically we expect 10% of appointments to cancel in confirmation and another 10% to be returned due to project mismatch or no shows.  (These get replaced))

3 out of 10 confirmed appointments result in closed business.  Our pros find roughly 30% of their appointments result in a closed deal. You should expect a 8-12% marketing cost per sale (depending on your product).

The average company receives 10-20 appointments per week.  To increase the quantity you'll work directly with your account manager to help you achieve exactly what you need.

Helps my business grow substantially


I use contractor appointments for my window replacement business and was very pleased with the results. I am able to grow rapidly and caught the attention of a large national company and started working with them. It was a great experience and customer service was always perfect.

Stands above the other lead gen companies


I've used several lead gen companies. Contractor appointments stand out from the rest. Confirmed appointments, great customer service, easy to work with. I highly recommend this company. Very flexible as well. I love getting confirmed appointments on my dashboard and being able to control my schedule.

Integrations & Partners

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Frequently Asked Questions


Project Size: $11,000.00
Quality Rate: 80% (20% were no shows, no estimates and were replaced)
Closing Rate: Replacements 25-30%, Repairs 65-75%
Cost Per Sale: $450-600 Replacements per sale (4-6% marketing cost), $90-125 Repairs (10-20% marketing cost)


Project Size: $6,400.00
Quality Rate: 85% (15% were no shows, no estimates and were replaced)
Closing Rate: 20-25%
Cost Per Sale: $600-750 per sale (10-15% marketing cost)


Project Size: $16,700.00
Quality Rate: 80% (20% were no shows, no estimates and were replaced)
Closing Rate: 20-25%
Cost Per Sale: $600-750 per sale (4-6% marketing cost)


Project Size: $28,600
Quality Rate: 70% (30% were no shows, no estimates and were replaced)
Closing Rate: 15-20%
Cost Per Sale: $960-1,500 per sale (6-12% marketing cost)

Homeowners book their own appointments so if they just choose you it's yours exclusively.  But, homeowners have the option to book up to 3 Contractor Appointments for their project. 

The average contractor receives 2-5 Appointments per day but can vary greatly based on geographic coverage area.  Each contractor's goals are different and your dedicated account manager will help you create a strategy to achieve your preferred daily appointment volume.







Start Running Appointments!

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