It's all about the Marvin's

When building a company in the construction industry it’s easy to see how “lead companies” get a bad name and are often disliked, distrusted, and viewed as a necessary evil to acquire new customers.

How do we build something different?  How do we truly help the contractors acquire more business without losing their trust?  How do we build long-lasting partnerships with companies and grow together?

And most importantly, how do we not lose sight of the homeowner as a customer?  That is our ultimate goal. To help normal people, like Marvin, get what they actually need/want/desire, which is not 30 phone calls and their information sold a dozen times to people they don't know.  We believe homeowners want to compare reputable contractors whom they can trust.  Doing so would make their lives easier and giving them confidence in choosing the absolute best company for their project.

How we "Rank" our contractors

Our ranking model is based on 2 main criteria, Hire Rate, and Customer Feedback.

We believe the contractors who get hired more often are meeting the customer's biggest needs.  Ultimately, who the homeowner chooses to hire is a direct reflection of what the customer values.  Additionally, we keep in touch with the customer at EVERY stage in the project and gather feedback not only for completed projects but also for those customers who didn't choose your company to hire.

How we charge contractors

We believe how we charge contractors should be a direct reflection of what we value.  The hire.  That's right, when homeowners are happy with their decision and sign the contract we get paid.  As a contractor, our fees align perfectly with your marketing budget and everybody wins (including Marvin).