5 Things to Consider Before Buying Roofing Leads


If your Roofing business is running low on prospects, it may be time to look into buying roofing leads. Even in this competitive market, you can jump-start your lead generation with leads or better yet Roofing Appointments.  Still, deciding what kind of leads and what lead company to go with can be difficult.

Here are five factors to consider before you buy.

1. Budget

How much can you afford to spend? That’s the first question you need to answer before you go any further. Some lead companies work better for roofing contractors on a limited budget. Others only work with large roofers and require a pretty substantial minimum order.

If your roofing company can’t afford to drop several thousand or more on leads right now, that’s fine. Now you’re armed with info that will help you narrow down the type of leads or appointment to buy as well as where to buy them. Don’t be pressured by lead companies that try to hard-sell you into spending more than you can afford.

2. Lead Sources

Next, consider where the lead company gets its leads(this is huge). Some leads are the result of cold-calling and others might be old recycled leads that seem to have no interest at all. Others set up a landing page and advertise to only those looking to book an actual appointment because they’re interested in the service right now.

In our opinion, there’s only one good source for quality appointments and that’s a homeowner who’s actually searching for what you do. The important thing is to be well informed.  Expect to pay far less for recycled leads than for newly generated leads, and even more if they’re booking the appointment.

3. Return Policy

Wrong numbers, not interested homeowners, or what if they change their mind?

If one of your leads or roofing appointments has missing or incorrect information, or changes their mind, at the very least, the lead company should provide you with another lead that has accurate and complete information. Look for a lead company with a liberal return policy. If something’s not right, you ought to be able to get your money back without a hassle.

4. Filtering Options

When you’re buying leads, finding the prospects you can best serve is usually worth a bit extra. Some lead companies have excellent filtering options. You could narrow down your search for just the services you provide. Perhaps you want to focus repairs or just replacements in a particular zip code, or a particular area has a lot of work to be done.

Ask yourself if the lead company you’re considering offers filtering options that will find you the prospects you need. It’s a nice feature and one that may help you qualify a higher percentage of leads.

5. Guarantees

Most lead companies promise you the world, they often promise the quality of their leads will be far superior to the other competition but what do they guarantee?  Do they guarantee you’re able to meet the customer and estimate the project?

If not, you might want to consider Contractor Appointments.